samantha caughey, RYT® 200


secret super power: I’ve been told I’m pretty patient. 
best advice: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”
worst advice: “You shouldn’t travel alone.”
makes me laugh:  My friends & family, my dog, and New Girl. 
might catch me: Outside! Swimming, walking, biking, paddling, anything really. Usually with my golden retriever, Millie. 
favorite moment in yoga class: When everyone takes a big, collective breath. 
trainings/teachers: 200 hour training through Yoga Pointe in Lakeland, FL. 
drug of choice: Travel! If I could travel full time, I would. Also candy (of any kind).

bree parrish, E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, YACEP®


secret super power:  making sure whatever needs finishing, is finished. 
best advice:  "what you think of me is none of my business."
worst advice: "wait until you're ready."

makes you laugh:  my son's laugh, my baby's smile
might catch me: booking a flight somewhere
favorite moment in a yoga class:  first deep breath
trainings/teachers:  numerous workshops/trainings all over the states - Pradeep Teotia, Kim King Zamoff. 200 hr TT at Full Circle Yoga, 300 hr TT at Warrior One Power, Asheville Yoga Center
drug of choice: TRAVEL

camila covarrubias, RYT® 200


secret super power: treat all beings with love and care
best advice: everything that happens is ultimately for your maximum benefit
worst advice: it’s not worth trying
makes you laugh: puppies at play
might catch me: at a park with my dog
favorite moment in a yoga class: arriving
Trainings/Teachers: 200 YTT at Ignite Yoga with Susanna Barkataki, Miriam Reh, and Samantha Santiago. 
50 hr Ganja Yoga with Dee Dessault
drug of choice: chocolate chip cookies!

jessica schobert, RYT® 200

studio manager, instructor

secret super power: Making people laugh 
best advice: Forgive and let go
worst advice: "Fake it until you make it" 
makes you laugh: Dad jokes - the worse the better
might catch me: Eating all the pizza
favorite moment in a Yoga Class: when everyone settles into savasana allowing themselves to rest & relax
Trainings/Teachers: 200hr RYT - Wanderlust
drug of choice: COFFEE

Our Instructors

steve rubin, RYT 500

teacher training instructor 

secret super power:  cultivating more compassion for all sentient beings
best advice: this human birth is very precious, so let me try my best to be honest with, respect, and love myself, for the benefit of all.
worst advice: no pain, no gain
makes you laugh:  the Lila of daily life
might catch me: playing disc golf on a weekday
favorite moment in a yoga class: sitting in the after space at the end upon completion of savasana
Trainings/Teachers: So many, some include: 500hours Centered Yoga with my main teacher Paul Dallaghan of Samahita Retreat Ko Samui Thailand, multiple Advanced Pranayama courses with Paul's teacher Sri OP Tiwariji of Kaivalyadham in Lonavala India, 4 months Ashtanga Vinyasa study with Sri K Pattabhi Jois and grandson Sharath in Mysore India, numerous workshops with high level teachers including: Manju Jois, David Williams, David Swenson, Doug Swenson, Rolf Naujokat, Max Strom, ShyamDas, Bhagavan Das, Krishna Das, and many more.
drug of choice: No drogas, sólo plantas medicina :)

allie baker, RYT® 200


secret super power: Contagious laughter
best advice: When comparison begins, contentment ends 
worst advice: Leave it to the boys
makes you laugh: Lots of things!
might catch me: Playing pick up soccer 
favorite moment in a yoga class: When the music is so good you can't help but to wiggle your asana
Trainings/ Teachers: 200 Hour Baptiste/ Vinyasa Trained by Red Lila Yoga School in Baltimore
drug of choice: A cheese plate

april hughes, RYT® 200


secret super power: Mind reader!
best advice: if you have fear of some pain or suffering, you should examine whether there is any thing you can do about it. If you can, there is no need to worry about it; if you cannot do anything, then there is also no need to worry. Dalai Lama 
worst advice: "Strive for perfection." I've learned in any moment, I am perfect. I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. 
makes you laugh: Dancing with wild abandon! 
might catch me: Wrangling reptiles, teaching science or eating breakfast for dinner. 
favorite moment in a Yoga Class: Finding an easy seat at the end of class. Your body and mind are relaxed and open, and your heart is full of gratitude. 
Trainings/Teachers: 2017 graduate of Sunlight Yoga's inaugural RYT 200 hour teacher training w/ Bree Parrish and Steve Rubin.  Attended an immersive retreat at Centered Yoga in Koh Samui, Thailand, and continues to build knowledge through workshops, classes and kirtans. 
drug of choice:  A few alone hours in nature and a couple of long, deep breaths. 

ann teachworth, RYT® 200


secret super power: Listening that alchemizes problems and worries into insights and ease.
best advice: “Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” Rumi
worst advice: “If it doesn’t hurt, you’re not doing it right” [eye roll]
makes you laugh: Good times with hilarious friends
might catch me: Afternoon napping, yapping about anatomy, or on a plane somewhere.
favorite moment in class: That moment I find the perfect micro-adjustment or image that allows the posture and breath to be more free, full, and effortless.
Trainings/Teachers: 200 Hr with Sunlight Yoga plus many workshops and classes over the years. Extensive training as a Licensed Massage Therapist in different bodywork modalities and energy medicine, and 600 Hr with Eric Franklin for certification as an Advanced Franklin Method Movement Educator.
drug of choice: Netflix and Talenti Gelato Mediterranean Mint

pamela grant, RYT® 500


secret super power: finding a positive in every situation and strong willpower 
best advice: nothing ventured nothing gained 

worst advice: maybe wait for a better time 
makes you laugh: my silly little puppy
might catch me: booking a trip to Key West
favorite moment in a Yoga Class: that first big group exhale 
Trainings/Teachers: Sunlight Yoga 200RYS, all prior and current Yoga teachers 
drug of choice: saltwater and seafood

karen phillips, RYT® 200


secret super power: standing in tree pose while doing the dishes 
best advice: the universe has a plan
worst advice: what could possibly go wrong??

makes you laugh: The antics of our Great Dane pups
might catch me: Singing in the car
favorite moment in a Yoga class: The first breath taken on my mat.
trainings: 200 hour TT at Sunlight
teachers: Bree Parrish, Steve Rubin, Violette Gibbs
drug of choice: chips and salsa

tiffany de guzman, RYT® 200


secret supper power: empathy
best advice: it never hurts to ask, the worst they can say is no.
worst advice: you'll be able to pay for all your loans AFTER school.
makes you laugh: my dogs and their opposite personalities.
might catch me: in Baldwin park with my dogs, one of Florida's many beautiful springs, local festivals.
favorite moment in a Yoga Class: when everyone is doing the pose differently to serve themself best.
trainings: 200hr RYT Yoga Pointe, 300hr RYT Warrior One, Art of Assisting (Baptiste Institute).
drug of choice: macarons, sushi.

violette gibbs, E-RYT 200

instructor, teacher trainer, sub

secret super power: nutritional facts. 
best advice: Not everyone is going to like you... I always tried to fit what I thought people wanted so I could fit in. "Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken" ~Oscar Wilde 

makes you laugh: Life, it seems to have a great sense of humor 
might catch me: In St. Pete (favorite place on the weekends)
favorite Moment in a Yoga Class: first Down dog
Trainings/Teachers: Red Sun Yoga,  YACEP certified meditation and Yoga Nidra facilitator, Co-Creator of NSF Oyster Storytelling Yoga, University of Central Florida
drug of choice: Prosecco, Brie cheese, Salami, Basil~ I'll pay good money for that

ti smith, RYT® 200


secret super power: holding space
best advice: breathe
worst advice: wait until you have time
makes you laugh: dad jokes 
might catch me: listening to a yoga podcast, studying Sanskrit, hanging with my girls 
favorite moment in a yoga class: the moment we breathe in unison 
Trainings/ Teachers: Nancy Glenmore Tatum, RYT-200 Glenmore yoga and wellness center Richmond, VA-2010; RYT-500 pending Native yoga center, Juno beach FL Todd and Tamara McLoughlin
drug of choice: espresso

natalia foote, CYT 303, RYT® 200


secret super power: Jumping beans inside my body
best advice: "Try. Respect. Be full of gratitude." (My 5th grade teacher Mr. Jones.)
worst advice: "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." (This person has clearly never had a Krispy Kreme doughnut or Anthony's Coal Fire Pizza.)
makes you laugh: A lot. I am quick to laugh at myself and at what others say. I laugh in good times and I find the humor in the bad times. I laugh when I'm nervous and I laugh when I'm happy. I laugh a lot. 
might catch me: Doing dishes and cleaning the island. 
favorite moment in a class: When I've tried something over and over and finally get it! So great!
trainings/teachers: currently in 303hr certification at Firefly Yoga
drug of choice: A good pizza with crispy crust and fresh mozzarella piled on, maybe some onions, fresh tomatoes, and basil, then a balsamic reduction drizzled over it. And my family sharing it with me!

joanmarie seacord, CYT


secret super power: compassion; steadfast friend
best advice: "put ice on it"
worst advice: "you got it, go ahead & back up" ( lacking in visual perceptual skills....yikes!)
makes me laugh: auto correct cell phone text messages
might catch me: at New Smyrna Beach
favorite foment teaching yoga: seeing students resting in savasana . so peaceful!
trainings/teachers: Yoga Matrix 200 hour; Level 1 & 2 Yogafit; Esteemed Mentors: Mary Heffernan, Edely Wallace, Marilyn Glasser, Kate Potter, Max Strom, Kim Zamoff

elise rolenc, RYT® 200


secret super power: Having 2 healthy babies with no anesthesia, reading people’s emotions, & listening…really listening. 
best advice: Everyone is dealing with something. Be gentle. Be kind. 
worst advice: just get over it 
makes you laugh: my son’s impersonations, mom memes
might catch me: Dancing, sharing a smile with a stranger, & hanging with my family
favorite moment in a Yoga Class: Seeing the energy of friendly faces ready to step on to their mats with courage to do the hard work.  
Trainings/Teachers: Sunlight Yoga 200 HR, RYS Yoga Alliance, NETA Yoga, AFAA Yoga, Group Fitness & more, FiTour Pilates & Yoga.  
drug of choice: Dancing-whenever & wherever…oh, and chocolate.

laurie hassell, RYT® 200

instructor, kids yoga instructor

secret super power: remaining calm in emergency situation (so I've been told) Ooommm

best advice: let your kids get dirty in nature, they'll remember the time you spent with them (not your clean house), follow your heart, go with the flow and live in the moment  

worst advice: listen to those who tell you that you should be doing makes me laugh: when my kids make seriously funny faces and interesting sounds! Never a quiet/boring moment  

might catch me: on a paddle board, on a mountain bike, or napping favorite moment in yoga: savasana, isn't that everyone's favorite? trainings/teachers: Red Sun CYT 200hr, Global Family Yoga, Radiant Child and Pre-natal TT

drug of choice: cheese (any&all), coffee, the beach, HGTV, anything art and my gal pals